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Introducing embedded, modular,
affordable eye-tracking with

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This is "Skyle"

With the Skyle eye control we offer you a hardware platform for the contactless operation of technical systems.
Since the point of view calculation is carried out on the device itself, we can adapt our interfaces to your needs.


We would be happy to examine the options with you.

  • Windows (on demand)
  • iPadOS (GitHub)
  • MacOS and Linux (on demand)
  • Etc. (on demand)

Our SDK is available for free on GitHub.

In order to enable cross-platform communication, we rely on gRPCs.


~ 20 – 30 FPS
~ 2 ° accuracy
binocular tracking
45 cm – 65 cm working distance
USB 3.0
Up to 24 "screen size

Hardware interfaces

USB is supported as standard, but if you would like a custom interface please don't hesitate to contact us.

Custom application

Combine the "Skyle" eye control with your application or solution.
Largely platform-independent eye control with our on-chip gauze tracking and calibration.

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Do you have any further questions?

We will gladly answer your questions